Unmet Need

Labs have minimal IT for digital results storage or integration with HER.

Hospitals require Labs to integrate with to their EHR / HIS systems.

Independent Labs compete with Hospital Labs for Physician / Clinic business.

No standard currently exists for simplified results report format for physician and patient.

Physician receive paper results from multiple labs or log on and off multiple lab portals which is very time consuming to review.

The current process is decentralized, inefficient, time consuming and presents compliance and liability risks for both provider and patient.

Doctors demand a simplified process, reports that promote their practice and consolidation of results which include history in graphical reports that streamline the review of results.

The portal will provide physicians the ability to search for labs and tests in the rapidly expanding availability of new tests with the availability of a robust catalog that cross references Labs to Tests and vice versa.

The Portal does not provide diagnostics or interpretation of test results, however the portal will have built in analytics to provide key process indicators and trends.

Test Type Description of Test
Antibody Tests to determine Immunity or AutoImmunity
Endocrine Tests for Hormones and Anti-Aging
Genetic Testing for Rare Gene Disorders
Genomic Testing for Predisposition to Disease
Immunoassays Tests for Vitamins and rare Metabolites
Infectious Disease Tests for Viruses, Bacteria and Parasites
Metabolomics Metabolic Signatures indicating nutritional need
Microbiomics Testing of Stool, Skin or Saliva for Balance of Bacteria
Neurologic Tests of Neurodegenerative disorders or Dementia Risk
Oncology Tests for Prognosis, Treatment or Predisposition
PGX Tests for drug metabolism or targeted effect
Proteomics Testing for Next Generation protein signatures for wellness