Market Opportunity

$177B in global diagnostic lab testing revenue 2019; $200B by 2024 with 7.1% growth to $250B by 2027.

80B USA revenue for 2019 for all labs; $25B at independent labs, $40B by 2027.

260,000 clinical labs in the USA; 3% are independent labs = 7,800 labs.

13.2B annual tests in the USA; 32% performed by Independent Labs = 4.2B tests by Independent Labs.

In USA, 70% of all medical decisions are based on laboratory results.

The top two independent labs, LabCorp and Quest, process approximately 1B tests a year leaving 3.2B tests to be process by the remaining ~6,153 CLIA-certified labs, many midsize and small.

Our goal for December 2026 is 300 labs on the TotalDxC portal, with each lab processing 1,400 tests a month, for a Portal total of 420K tests a month. Equating to 0.12% market share of independent labs test volume.